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Advantages of powder metallurgy technology

1, the vast majority of refractory metals and compounds, pseudo alloys, porous materials can only be manufactured by powder metallurgy method.
2, due to the powder metallurgical method can be pressed into the final size of the compact, and do not need or need little subsequent mechanical processing, it can greatly save metal, reduce the cost of products. Products manufactured by powder metallurgy method, the metal loss is only 1-5%, and with the general casting production method, the metal loss may reach 80%.
3, because the technology of powder metallurgy materials in the production process does not melt, there are impurities caused by crucible and deoxidation agent, and sintering in vacuum and in general, the reducing atmosphere is not afraid of oxidation, will not give any material pollution, so it is possible to prepare high purity materials.
4, powder metallurgy method can guarantee the accuracy and uniformity of the composition ratio of the material.
5, powder metallurgy is suitable for the production of the same shape and the number of products, especially gear and other high processing costs of products, powder metallurgy process can greatly reduce production costs.

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