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Application of Porous Stainless Steel Powder

The porous metal is composed of a metal skeleton and a porous material, which is characterized by a large number of pores in the porous metal with respect to the dense metal material. So the porous metal material has many excellent properties, such as low density, large surface area, good energy absorption, heat absorption, high heat capacity, good permeability, excellent electromagnetic wave absorbent, flame retardant, heat-resistant refractory and thermal shock, gas sensing, energy regeneration, good processing etc.. Therefore, the porous metal materials are widely used in aerospace, nuclear, chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical machinery, medicine, environmental protection, construction and other industries of the separation, filtration, gas distribution, catalysis, electrochemical process, silencer, shock absorption, shielding, heat exchange process, making filter, catalyst and catalyst carrier porous electrode, energy absorber, silencer, shock absorption buffer, electromagnetic shielding device, electromagnetic compatible device, heat exchanger and flame retardant device etc..

The traditional preparation methods of porous metal including solid metal sintering, liquid metal solidification, metal deposition or corrosion pore forming method, wherein the dealloying method is a common method for preparing nano porous metal current, by chemical or electrochemical methods to selectively dissolve two yuan solid solution alloy in the active ingredients. The remaining inert metal components by group has a continuous nano porous structure.

Shijiazhuang Daye metal powder factory porous element with stainless steel powder by atomization method makes the particle diameter is more narrow, controllable enhancement, loose density can be chosen at random, is widely used in the field of porous element.

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