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Application of stainless steel powder in powder metallurgy

The main application of stainless steel powder in Daye Shijiazhuang metal powder factory are: sintered parts, porous components, MIM injection molding, 3D printing, composite material filling.
In each field of application, whether it is by weight or by the number of parts, stainless steel powder in automobile, motorcycle metallurgy gear ratio is far greater than other areas in the powder metallurgy parts. Powder metallurgy gear in the whole powder metallurgy parts in the rapid development of the status of the. Powder metallurgy gear is widely used in various powder metallurgy parts in automobile engine, through a shaping and finishing process, do not need other treatment process, can fully meet the accuracy requirements, especially the precision of tooth profile. Therefore, compared with the traditional mechanical processing method, the material input and manufacturing are greatly reduced, which is a typical product of the characteristics of powder metallurgy.
Stainless steel powder is mainly used in powder metallurgy:
1: automobile engine camshaft, crankshaft pulley, water pump, oil pump pulley, driving and driven gears, driving and driven chain wheel, cam, bearing cover, rocker arm bushing, thrust plate, valve guide, the intake and exhaust valve;
2, automobile gearbox: high speed synchronizer gear hub and clutch assembly, gear, cam, cam shaft, slider, gear lever, shaft sleeve, guide block;
3, synchronous ring motorcycle parts: driven gear and sprocket assembly, starting pawl, ratchet, star wheel, double gear, gear, gear shaft, cam, push rod, sliding bearing, centering sleeve, clutch disc, intake and exhaust valve seat car;
4: all kinds of motorcycle oil pump oil pump gear and a gear hub, all kinds of oil pump rotor, the cam ring of automobile and motorcycle shock absorber piston, valve seat, seat compressor piston, cylinder block, cylinder head, valve plate, sealing ring of agricultural products a variety of bushings, rotor, bearing
5, other: sub electrical gear, planetary gear, internal gear wheel, the combination of internal gear, all kinds of stainless steel nuts, magnetic poles.

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