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Address: Zhangye Industrial Development Zone, Yuanshi County, Shijiazhuang, China.
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Tel: +86-311-85851915
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High performance powder metal material is an essential part of the market.

Over the past ten years, the rapid development of powder metallurgy industry, all kinds of powder metallurgy materials are constantly being developed, very wide circulation in the market, stainless steel powder metallurgy materials as the main raw materials for production, annual output in growth.
Products to use stainless steel powder metallurgy materials widely, mainly used in all kinds of mechanical parts, especially the automobile industry, for 
powder metallurgy products demand is very large, it is understood that there are about 7kg of the powder metallurgy parts of a European car, and a car in America about powder metallurgy parts 16KG the effect of visible powder metallurgy parts in the automotive industry.
High performance stainless steel powder metallurgy parts have been widely used in transmission, engine, general machinery and other products, in the market, the development prospect is very broad. The next few years, automobiles, motorcycles and all kinds of general machinery industry for powder metallurgy parts demand will increase, Shijiazhuang Daye metal powder will continue to strengthen research efforts on powder metallurgy technology and material, the development of high performance powder metallurgy material.
In recent years, China's automobile and machinery has maintained a high speed development, high value-added powder metallurgy parts are gradually transferred to the automotive field.

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