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The future development trend of MIM stainless steel powder

Shijiazhuang daye metal powder factory is committed to the research and development of stainless steel powder and cemented carbide powder, innovation, more than 20 years, has accumulated rich experience in the field of MIM production has made outstanding contributions.
Cemented carbide has high hardness, high strength and high wear resistance, so it is widely used as a variety of cutting tools and a variety of wear-resistant parts. Because of the high cost of traditional pressing and sintering method, the shape of the products is simple, the machining is difficult, and the application of the hard alloy is limited. Injection molding is a near net shape technology, with high productivity, the shape of complex products and low cost, therefore, to expand the scope of application of hard alloy technology will the emergence and development of cemented carbide powder injection molding.
The MIM powder process of the successful production of hard alloy products including carbide tool, micro drill, centrifuge, nozzle, pump parts, piston, filter, sports supplies, textile machinery wire etc.. In recent years, people directly use the aesthetic value of MIM products, production of the golf club head, watchband, watchcase and other products. The future will be a breakthrough in the nameplate LOGO, jewelry, arts and crafts.
The development of MIM technology has a great influence on the production of cemented carbide products. Superior product performance, low cost of production and the potential high profit margins will attract more and more producers and users of concern and join.
With the in-depth understanding of the designers and users of hard alloy injection molding technology, with the gradual improvement of the performance of products, will have broad market prospects of hard alloy injection molding, it will bring considerable economic benefits, become the stainless steel injection molding after powder injection molding hot new development.

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