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Tel: +86-311-85851915
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- New technology of powder metallurgy is changing with each passing day
China's powder metallurgy products industry in the middle of 50s, after the start, with the development of the automotive industry, with its own characteristics of the section, the growing attention. At present, the production of powder metallurgy pa...
- Contribution of Daye metal powder in powder metallurgy and other fields
Daye metal powder factory, founded in 1998, factory specializing in the development, manufacture, sales and service of alloy powder, and focus on the development of new materials, high-tech industry. At present, the factory produced products represen...
- Application of gear produced by powder metallurgy technology in China
The application of powder metallurgy technology in machine parts is very common in the mechanical parts of the production process is now in a lot of equipment used in powder metallurgy technology, this is mainly because of the technical characteristi...
- Powder metallurgy materials and products will be developed in the direction of high quality structural components
Powder metallurgy is an advanced metal forming technology, metal and other high-tech powder by pressing molding, sintering and subsequent processing of the necessary mechanical parts and metal products. Because of its energy saving, material saving, ...
- Metal powder injection molding and other technologies to make the mechanical manufacturing process green
Machinery manufacturing is the industry which provides technical equipment for each industry production department. The development of manufacturing industry promotes the development of industry and promotes the construction and development of nation...
- Technical advantages of powder metallurgy process
Construction technology of powder metallurgy technology in metallurgical industry of our country is use a very wide range of technology, mainly because of powder metallurgy technology is indeed a very practical technology of metallurgy, powder metall...

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