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- Marking of powder metallurgy metal products
Now metal powder metallurgy products technology development speed is very fast, in which the metal powder metallurgy technology in the development process there are three important marks...
- More and more metal parts are produced by powder metallurgy technology.
At present, the average amount of powder metallurgical products in China is only 5 ~ 6kg, taking into account the energy-saving emission reduction factors, the future of domestic enterprises will be more use of powder metallurgy process to produce au...
- The largest supplier of 3D printing materials Mainly from the field of metal powder
In the next few years, the largest supplier of 3D printing materials Mainly from the field of metal powder...
- New 3D printing powder material for stainless steel powder
With the rapid development of the metal 3D printing, 3D printing powder material market is also growing. Almost every once in a while, a new type of powder material will be born....
- Study on injection molding process of 17-4PH stainless steel powder
17-4PH stainless steel as a with high strength and resistance to corrosion of stainless steel materials, medical devices, automotive industry, manufacturing industry, military industry, aerospace industry and nuclear industry is widely used, but due ...
- Along with the demand of powder metal industry and metallurgy technology is growing stronger
Powder metallurgy for metal powder or the mixture as raw material, after forming and sintering, manufacturing process of all kinds of products. Due to the advantages of powder metallurgy technology, it has become the key to solve the problem of new m...

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