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Tel: +86-311-85851915
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- 303L 410L 317LStainless steel powder for sintering parts
Corrosion resistance is extremely high, especialy suitable for chlorine ion solution .Often used in the production of stainless steel powder metallurgy parts in different areas, such as small gear, cam and linker....
- Production and application of stainless steel powder
In the production of powder metallurgy sintered products, the single pure metal powder is alittle practical value, because the final pursuit of the alloy products is often strengthened and unique properties....
- China's manufacturing industry 2025 propose MIM product market demand is increasingly strong
After more than 20 years of development, China MIM practitioners not only broke through the technical blockade, but also the development of a large number of MIM products, expanding the market....
- Powder metallurgy is a kind of metal processing method
Powder metallurgy(PM) is a kind of metal processing method,uses metal powder as raw material, by pressing and sintering to manufacture various kinds of products....
- Powder metallurgy process technology is often used to manufacture key products in special field
According to reports, with the continuous development of the times, the application of China's powder metallurgy gear technology is more and more widely....
- Development and application of powder metallurgy technology
Powder metallurgy industry in China is now in a critical period of development, although there is still a gap compared China's industrial technology of powder metallurgy with the developed countries...

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